Designing Sustainably with the Runabout – Travel Pack

This video provides an inside look into sustainable design and the challenges associated with product development using post-consumer materials. Ryan Tabb is an employee at Ragfinery, and explores new methods to develop viable products using strictly post-consumer materials.

It is always a challenge when working with post-consumer materials and textiles, because you’re relying on fabric that was either donated within the community or products of industrial waste. Each piece of fabric carries some level of variability and uncertainty as far as what can be produced from it, so it is important to consider products that can be produced on smaller scale. One product that was derived from this concept was a backpack design that would be unique to the community and celebrate the usage of textiles that were donated within it.

Postconsumer Materials List:

  •  3 ½ ft of Nylon Webbing
  • 1 yd of Orange outdoor polyester
  • ½ yd of Black Rip-stop Nylon
  • ¼ yd of Black Barbeque Cover material
  • 1 ft of  1” Velcro
  • 4 Backpack adjustment buckles
  • 1 Spool of polyester black thread