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Ryan Tabb Transforms Discarded Textiles Into Backpack

Designing Sustainably with the Runabout - Travel PackThis video provides an inside look into sustainable design and the challenges associated with product development using post-consumer materials. Ryan Tabb is an employee at Ragfinery, and explores new methods to develop viable products using strictly post-consumer materials.It is always a challenge when working with post-consumer materials and ...Read more >


Finding Ragfinery – Reflections On The Year

by Skye HenterlyTraveling in Guatemala and Mexico, I was surprised to find that in places with amazing textile traditions of weaving and intricate embroidery still being widely practiced, t-shirts bearing logos of sports teams from the States or English phrases were both popular and fashionable. At first I was curious where these items had come ...Read more >


Downtown Upcycle ThrowDown Wrap-Up and Art Photos

We wanted to take a moment to share some of our closing thoughts and pics from the Downtown Upcycle ThrowDown. In a nutshell, we are thrilled with how the event went in every way: quality of pieces, attendance, energy, sponsors, volunteers, and more. As a new event at a brand new space, there were the ...Read more >


Helicopters, Creativity, and the Downtown Upcycle ThrowDown: A Discussion with Kelley Dragon

by Dallas BetzAs you likely know by now, Ragfinery is collaborating with Wise Buys/Lydia Place on an upcoming event called the Downtown Upcycle ThrowDown. Similar to our previous "Challenge" events, this one has participants transforming discarded goods (clothing, fabric, and other textiles from Ragfinery, and clothing, electronics, dishes, furniture, and more from Wise Buys) into art. ...Read more >


Green Eileen’s First West Coast Popup Shop

We had so much fun hosting Green Eileen's first ever West Coast popup shop at Ragfinery over the past weekend! The shoppers were eagerly lined up down the street before opening at noon that day, ready to score some great deals on beautifully made Eileen Fisher fashions. Green Eileen is an initiative of the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation, ...Read more >

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