Donation Capacity

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept all textiles at Ragfinery. We receive multiple large donations of clothing and accessories that stocks our racks and bins. Our staff, volunteers and trainees sort through approximately 15,000 pounds of donations every month!  Items that we are not able to use, sell or transform at Ragfinery goes next to an array of local non-profits and businesses that further divert textiles from the landfill and provides garments to people in need here in our community.

Because we receive so many generous deliveries  we must limit what we are able to take from walk in donations to clothing and fabrics that are made from natural content fiber, are vintage or are very rare and unique.


Donation Guide

Please allow approximately 15 minutes so that our staff can check to make sure your donation consists of only items we have the capacity to take, is clean, dry and free from any risks of pests. And know that we appreciate you thinking of us and that you are working to extend the life of your garments for the sake of our planet. Thank you!


  • Adult feminine clothing in a wearable condition and only if it is 100% cotton, wool, silk, linen, cashmere, leather, and bamboo, vintage or rare and unique.

(We do not currently have the capacity to accept femme clothing that is not natural content fiber or rare as we receive very large donations from our generous donor multiple times per week)


  • Adult masculine clothing in a wearable condition
  • Outdoor wear, hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, wallets, backpacks and bags in usable condition

Home Goods

  • Vintage lace and linens
  • Table linens, curtains and drapery
  • Handmade quilts (unfinished pieces and quilt tops as well!)
  • Wool blankets
  • Bright and dark colored sheets (ok if not entire set)

Fiber Arts Supplies

  • Fabric greater than 1ft. x 1ft.
  • Yarn, thread, embroidery floss, webbing, elastic, velcro etc.
  • Functioning sewing machines, sergers, looms etc.
  • Sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and weaving supplies, tools and notions
  • Pillow forms and polyfill
  • Patches, mending supplies, fabric surface design and dye

Thank you for reading our donation guide. We appreciate that you have thought of us and that you are thinking of ways to keep textiles out of the landfill! See below for other businesses in the area accepting textile donations (please refer to their websites for donation restrictions)

Nonprofits: Goodwill, WeCare, Wise Buys, YWCA Back to Work Boutique

Other: Value Village, USAgain, H&M, Nike (Burlington)

Cash Donations 

You can help support us in our mission to divert textile waste from the landfill, provide job skills training and development, to offer affordable fiber arts supplies, and support workshops centered on creative reuse by donating directly to Ragfinery. Your support helps us sustain this “jobs from waste” business model. Thank you!