Support Ragfinery’s new mending and repair training program!

Ragfinery has an exciting project in the works we’d like to share with you and ask for your support in helping launch! 

In 2018, we’re starting a new program that will change lives while keeping clothing out of the waste stream. In this program, low-income trainees will work with instructors to learn mending and repair skills, picking up valuable skills while providing a service to our community and further reducing textile waste. This new program provides numerous benefits to our community:  

  1. Empowering women 

    While Ragfinery’s training program does not exclusively serve women, our primary demographic is young, low-income, women, often single parents. Ragfinery has a culture of support, creating a safe place for these women to grow into their potential and establish relationships that nourish their spirit, setting them on a path toward becoming healthy, self-confident, empowered individuals.  

  2. Increase Ragfinery’s capacity for trainees

    In spite of the low official unemployment rate, thousands of Whatcom County residents are out of work. We continue to have a higher demand for job training services than we can meet. Adding a mending and repair component to our services will allow us to double our capacity to serve our community’s unemployed population, getting them the skills, experience, confidence, and connections they need to get back into the workforce.  

  3. Reduce textile waste

    As you’ve probably heard, the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world behind oil, and the average American sends 70 pounds of clothing to the landfill every year. This new program will allow us to keep even more clothing out of the landfill by extending the life of YOUR clothing. Also, by teaching trainees these skills, we’re equipping them with skills to use at home, too, saving money and the environment! 

  4. Provide a mending/repair service to our community

    We regularly receive requests for mending and repair service, but until now, we have not had the capacity to offer that service. With the addition of this new program, trainees will work alongside instructors to offer mending and repair services at Ragfinery for our community! 

Clearly, this is a win-win-win program that can fill an essential role in our community. And we are so excited to get started on it!

This is where you come in, our wonderful, enthusiastic supporters… Our goal is to raise $5000 by the end of 2017 to get this program kicked off in the New Year. These funds will allow us to double our trainee capacity in 2018 and support ten trainees to learn mending and repair skills.  

With your support, we’ll provide life-changing job-training services, reduce textile waste, and create a healthier, more sustainable, more educated community. PLUS, you’ll be able to hang onto that favorite pair of jeans for another few years 🙂  

Ways to Donate toward our $5000 goal 

2. In store: visit us and drop off a cash, check, or credit card donation in-person! 
3. Give us a call with your credit card: 360.738.6977 
4. Mail in a check: 1421 N. Forest Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 

Your enthusiastic support has made Ragfinery what we are today. Working together over the last three years, we’ve kept over 500,000 pounds of textiles from the landfill, supported 56 trainees to gain the skills and confidence they need to find employment, and educated and inspired our community to play a role in reducing textile waste. We are so excited to see where we can go working together in the future! 

Dallas Betz, Executive Director
Shan Sparling, Ragfinery Program Manager


There are four ways you can donate towards our $5000 goal to help launch our mending and repair program, benefiting low-income residents:

Click here to contribute immediately via PayPal:

Donations can also be made in-person with cash, check, or credit card, you can send a check by mail, or give us a call and pay by credit card.
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  • Help empower women

  • Grow our trainee program

  • Reduce textile waste

  • Provide mending & repair service to our community