Embody your hopes and dreams, or simply have fun making your very own art doll. She (or he) can be a messenger of your inner voice, or simply pleasing to your eye. Participants learn to sculpt with needle felting to create a doll head with detailed features. We’ll paint “makeup” with watercolor, and finish with dressing and decorating your doll.

Participant Materials and Requirements: Please bring a tree branch or piece of driftwood, approximately 12” long, preferably with forks (for arms). Really great if you find a branch with “fingers” on the ends of the arms. Also, bring old broken jewelry, or single earrings that you may want to use to embellish your doll. Everything else you need (including fabrics, beads, written instructions and more) is included in a $25 materials fee, payable to instructor on the day of class. Bring your own lunch too!

Instructor Patti Barker


About the Instructor: Patti Barker is an award-winning fiber artist, art show exhibitor and experienced felting teacher based out of Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. It is a special treat to have her as a guest artist in Bellingham! Visit her website pattibarker.com for more information.