Drop-in for an hour of free beginner knitting instruction! Bring yarn and needles with you or supplies are available for purchase at our store. If you already know how to knit but have questions about a project you are working on, feel free to stop by at this time as well. 

Impact: Learn a new upcycle skill to craft unique items using Ragfinery yarn.

Requirements: Please bring yarn and an appropriate size of needles to match the yarn. This information can be found here or you can ask the Ragfinery front counter for assistance. You can bring supplies with you or purchase them from Ragfinery. Avoid dark colors, fancy textures, and thin yarn for first time knitting. 


About the Instructor: Caroline learned to knit almost ten years ago when her grandmother bought her yarn at a garage sale and challenged her to teach herself to knit. She’s been an avid knitter ever since and can often be seen knitting while walking around WWU’s campus. Follow her on Instagram: sweetcarolineknits