You’ve seen Faux Chenille – maybe you didn’t know what it was called. It’s a GREAT process where you can add color and texture to a garment or a home decorating item. This is a class which will teach you how to do it on a simple pillow. THEN, you can take those skills and make whatever you want with it!

Participant and Material Requirements
Sewing machine (your own or rent on from Ragfinery). If you bring your own, bring the power cord and the foot pedal. Sewing needles, pins, SHARP scissors (seriously, you do need sharp scissors for this). Background fabric: if you buy 45″ wide fabric, buy 1 1/2 yards of the background fabric. If you buy 54″ or 60″ fabric, buy 3/4 yard of the backround fabric. For the other fabrics you need, bring 3/4 yard EACH of 3 more fabrics. NO KNITS, NO POLAR FLEECE, it must be woven fabric. Thread to match or contrast (contrast is really great in this project). Fabric Marking tool (Chalk-o-liner is my favorite). Yardstick or 18″ (minimum length) straight edge.

Renee Sherrer

Instructor Renee Sherrer

Renee Sherrer