Expand your dyepot skills into the rich indigo blue zone with this hands on workshop! Experiment with a natural fiber cloth and yarns too! The history and chemistry of indigo will be brought to class in an easy to understand system so you can take your skills home. 

Impact: Items with stains and imperfections are given new life after a dip in the indigo vat, giving new life to old cloth.

Student Materials and Requirements: Please bring a notepad and pencils. You will need to bring items to dye. This can be cloth, yarn, fiber, or garments. The items to dye should weigh under 2lbs total. The items must be 100% natural fibers, such as wool, silk, linen, cotton, or hemp. Synthetic fibers and synthetic blends will not dye properly in the indigo vat. Please also bring an apron and rubber gloves. Wear clothes that you do not mind getting stained as a precaution. 

Instructor Suzanne Glick

About the Instructor: Suzanne has been a handwork and art teacher in Waldorf Schools on the west coast of Oregon, Washington and BC for 20 years. She enjoys teaching people of all ages, seeing the arts as a wonderful vehicle to bring makers of all kinds into playing with colour, texture and design. You can find her vending at the Bellingham Farmers Market, working away on her spinning wheel making rabbit wool yarns, or online at maidenavalon.weebly.com.