We will use beautiful scraps of fabric to make neck and eye pillows filled with rice, which heats well to provide soothing warmth. Using basic hand sewing skills, we’ll stitch the bags closed. Learn an embroidery stitch to add embellishments, choose an essential oil to create a soothing smell, and make your own gift box to package it beautifully.
Impact: Scraps of fabric are diverted from the landfill to create useful, reusable, biodegradable items. 
Student and Materials Requirements: All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring a special piece of fabric if you have one you want to use. This class is ideal for ages 8-12, but children as young as 6 are welcome if parents think they can participate in hand sewing. Children must be able to safely handle needles and scissors.
About the Instructor: Carrie Sinclair has lived in this corner of the Pacific Northwest for 10 years but was born and raised in Oregon where her parents live and now have sheep in the coastal mountains. She is a mom to four amazing boys and she thinks wool is magical and doesn’t have to be itchy!