Learn how to make a huge bag that folds itself into a small pocket. This bag is great for travel! Stow it in your luggage, shop on your trip, fill it up and use it to haul those treasures home. It will fit in the overhead storage on an airplane. It’s lined, has a zippered pocket inside and a zippered pouch on the outside. It also has a zipper to close the top. Sewing experience is necessary.

Renee Sherrer

Instructor Renee Sherrer

Participant and Material Requirements
– 1 1/2 yards fabric 45″ or 54″-60″ wide fabric PREWASHED (For outer part of bag)
– 1 1/2 yards of fabric 45″ or 54″-60″ wide fabric PREWASHED (For lining of bag)
– 24″ zipper – Sport zipper is good as it has large teeth, comes in a lot of great colors. NO Invisible zippers.
– 26″ to 28″ PURSE zipper – it HAS to be a Purse zipper or some kind of zipper that can work on either side (the pull pivots over the end to be used from either side)
– Thread to match
– 1 1/2″ D ring set (a set is made up of 2 pieces)
– 2 Dog leash clasps -OR- some kind of crab claw clasps for ends of strap
– 1 set of Square Rings 1 1/2″ wide

NOTE – look in the purse making stuff section of any store for these kinds of items.
ONLY the D rings, zippers, fabric, thread, and sewing gear are ABSOLUTELY essential if you can’t find the other items.  You can – later finish the strap when you find the right bag/purse hardware (set of square rings or dog leash clasps). 



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