Holes in your favorite jeans and sweaters? No problem. This class will teach you the basics of crochet and how to apply simple patches to repair clothing artfully. Please choose a small mending project appropriate for the time allotted. 

Impact: Old clothing is made new again with artistic mending, extending the life of garments you love. 

Requirements: Please bring sewing needles, thread and a garment to repair. Crochet hooks will be provided for use during class, along with some prepared crochet patches for you to experiment with.

About the Instructor: Natalia Robinson is obsessed with all things naturally made by hand. She lived in New Zealand and Guatemala studying felting, weaving, natural dyeing, spinning, and sewing. A graduate of the Evergreen State College, she created her own major in fiber arts and early childhood education. Every day is a good day to make art and play! Learn more at feralfelt.com