Note: This workshop is held over TWO consecutive Saturdays – August 6 & 13th, from 10am-1pm.

Learn to upcycle your own clothes in this beginning sewing “bootcamp” series! Get familiar with the care and use of a sewing machine and solving basic sewing problems, take accurate body measurements and learn to fit items to your own aesthetic and body type!  In the first class get familiar with the use of a sewing machine, sew a knit cap, and get started on your own upcycling project. Continue work on your project in this second class, which will also cover adding embellishments and finishing touches, i.e. pockets, zippers, buttons/buttonholes, hems, etc. and touch on any skills you hoped to gain that still need to be addressed. Take away a short guide and reference list to assist you in applying your new skills at home.

Instructor Brigitte Parra

Participant and Materials Requirements
Participants are required to use our sewing machines for this workshop. Bring one or more garments you would like to upcycle in your own personal project as well as any embellishments and components you would like to add.  This class focuses on upcycling existing garments, and therefore does not cover sewing from patterns.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.