In this hands-on camp we will focus entirely on the process of upcycle fashion design – taking existing clothing and reinventing it to be uniquely your own! We’ll walk through the process of envisioning your design, selecting the right materials, putting it all together, and of course showing it off! Leave with the skills to create your own unique wardrobe, and inspiration for more. Everyone will create their own upcycled garment or outfit which is an expression of themselves, and show it off to their friends and families on the last day.

We’ll gather inspiration from nature, magazines, and your found materials themselves, then talk about where ideas come from and what we want to express. Spend time drawing, playing with and choosing fabrics, then start on a sewing project to get familiar with sewing machines and hand sewing. Spend the rest of the time bringing your upcycle designs to life!

Requirements: No previous sewing experience necessary. Please bring a sketch pad, pictures or magazine clippings that inspire you, and your own clothing to alter/transform (we’ll have materials for you as well).  Don’t forget a snack, lunch, and water. 
Dates: Monday to Friday, 7/30-8/3  
10am to 2pm each day
Ages: 12-18
Instructor: Emma Young is a multi medium artist who enjoys painting, knitting, crocheting, textile work, and jewelry creating, among many other mediums. She has been sewing and upcycling for 15 years . She is a recent graduate from WWU and has worked with all age groups in outdoor education and in farm/gardening and restoration work. She has recently joined the team at Ragfinery and is excited to be leading summer camps and helping students explore and develop creative ideas and skills! 




Bookings are no longer available for this event.