Learn how to make a pattern resist to fit your head, and use up-cycled fabrics and wool to create a fun, textural, classy (or any style you like) felt hat. Various styles will be presented as samples for the class, including some that might be worn for Halloween! Participants will finish up by learning about shaping your damp hat. Note: There will be no set lunch break, so please bring snacks and/or lunch to eat during class.

Participant materials and requirements: Students will need to purchase a kit from the Instructor at the class for $30, or may bring their own materials that consist of: Five Ounces of merino wool roving, approximately 1/4 yard of various fabrics that are very open weave (recommend beaded chiffon, burnout velour, hand painted silks, lightly sequin embellished chiffon). Please bring a lunch or snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Note: there will be no set lunch time, so please bring snacks if needed and plan your meals around class time.  


Instructor Patti Barker

About the Instructor: Patti Barker is an award-winning fiber artist, art show exhibitor and experienced felting teacher based out of Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. It is a special treat to have her as a guest artist in Bellingham! Visit her website pattibarker.com for more information.